Skytech Atomila GT

QD-LED Marketing

顯示面板朝高解析度(4K、8K)發展,傳統LCD TV需求逐年下降;廣色域 (Wide Color Gamut)顯示技術為驅動顯示器成長的主力。量子點(QD) TV具 高發光效率、色域、低耗能高壽命特性,是OLED以外的最佳選項,可應用於光致發光及電致發光元件。

IHS Markit數據,量子點材料集中於55~98吋高階顯示器產品,2018~2023年將呈現數倍成長,且QD電視可沿用原有LCD技術,更易放量,隨QD相關技術不斷突破,台灣可延續在顯示產業之優勢。


About Quantum Dot (QD)

Size and composition is controllable when the quantum dots are synthesized.

Different sized quantum dots emit different color light.

Al2O3 Overcoating on QD

How to prolong QD lifetime

QDs are known to be degraded by oxygen, moisture and heat, so overcoat Al2O3 (passivation) on QDs surface could extend the lifetime and improve the stability.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is an ideal technique to infill and overcoat QD films, as it provides excellent control over film growth at the sub‐nanometer scale and results in conformal coatings with mild processing conditions.

Skytech Powder ALD Tool Overview


特殊流場設計 : 帶動腔壁 Powder 揚起

搭配360度腔體旋轉, 產生均勻的 powder 流場