Al2O3 ALD 製程設備

Max. 6 ALD

Integrated with EFEM

Support SECS/GEM


專利氣牆設計以減少particle,PM lifetime比batch type的優良。


可對於敏感基材實施低温的製程(< 100°C)

搭配Skiwar (自動取放片機) 以減少particle。

Skytech ALD Dielectric Materials Development Status
Atomila™ ALD Overview
Atomila™ ALD Overview + Skiwar
Atomila™ ALD Tool
ALD 實機介紹

Atomila™ ALD Outlook Overview
ALD chamber temp simulation and verification
Atomila™ ALD Gas Box

ALD AC box & Gas Box :

The design of the refrigeration chip allows the temperature control of the TMA to be maintained at a temperature of ± 1°C.

Process Cycle vs Thickness

Film thickness validation were checked by TEM, FIB and SEM that showed quite linear and stable process on Atomila ALD system.

TEM pictures show the Al2O3 films are dense and amorphous

N Value vs Thk & Process Temp

Stable reflective index vs process temp

Stable reflective index vs thickness, and the n values are fitting to Barbos et al’s model.

120nm Al2O3 Marathon Data

Average thickness stability and average non-uniformity within 12” wafer is excellent.